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Sensual Romance Series 2


Author: Mills & Boon
Book Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Condition: Readable


The Chocolate Seduction - Carrie Alexander Chef Kristoffer "Kit" Rex is hot, pure and simple. But for Sabrina Bliss, he's off-limits. Thanks to a bet with her sister, Sabrina can't sleep with a man for one year...unless she falls in love. With the help of a regular diet of chocolate, though, Sabrina manages to "simulate" the effects of sex without actually having it. Unfortunately, Kit doesn't want to play by the rules.... It's agonizing for Kit to see Sabrina every day and not have her. For some reason, she keeps him at arm's length, and he's not ready to settle for that. She obviously loves chocolate - she eats it every time he comes near her! - so what better way to seduce her than with the velvety smooth concoction? Although she has incredible willpower, Kit knows Sabrina's ready - and willing - for one sweet seduction....

Special Delivery: Baby! - Molly Liholm Surely that wasn't a baby on Sam Evan's doortep? What was workaholic, confirmed bachelor Sam doing with a five-month old baby girls? It appeared Sam's matchmaking aunt was setting him up with a family, and she'd even arranged for Anne Logan, a far-too-sexy nanny, to come to his aid. Sam's well-ordered life was turned upside down. Soon baby Juliet held his heart in her chubby little fist, and Anne... Anne was making his pulse race until all he could think about was making love to her, night after night, keeping this temporary nanny permanently in his bed ...

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paper and book texture
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