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Postage is included in the price of the book. Buying more than one book? You pay the full price for the first book and get R10 off every additional book purchased at the same time. Postage is by regular mail only but courier and overnight delivery can be arranged. Please contact us for details.

Condition rating scale

Our condition rating scale is fairly simple:

Excellent – almost new, no or very, very slight creases to the spine, no marks on the pages and very little wear to the cover, good for a collection or as a gift.

Very Good – a few creases to the spine, minor cover wear, good for a collection.

Good – obviously read but still in good condition, spine creased and corners of the cover may be damaged, may be writing on the inside pages.

Readable – well read, spine or cover worn or damaged, pages may be yellowed or stained.

Books returned by Premium members as part of the exchange program earn up to 40% of their purchase price. If a book has dropped a category, it will earn 30% of the purchase price and two categories will earn 20%. Books bought in Excellent condition and returned in Readable condition will automatically be sent back to the member and, although the member will still be able to purchase books from the site, no further returns will be accepted. So if the dog ate it or you dropped it in the bath, donate it to charity, put it in with the recycling or use it to start a braai but please don’t return it to us


There are two types of memberships – Regular and Premium. Premium members receive additional discounts, newsletters and sneak previews of new stock before they are put up for sale on the site. Premium members can also take advantage of the exchange program to earn extra credits.

Exchange program

The exchange program is available to Premium members only;

So how does it work? It’s easy. Just follow these simple steps and you’re ready to order your first book:

Step Conditions
Step 1: Register as a member  
Step 2: Decide how much you want to spend A payment of R200, R500 or R1000 is required to register as a Premium member. Proof of payment is required before your account will be activated. It may take 24 hours before you will be able to buy with your credits.
Step 3: Order the books you want to start with You can only order books up to the total value of your credits. Exceeding your credits will require additional payment.
Step 4: Read the books at your leisure There is no time limit – if it takes you’re a week or a year, we don’t mind!
Step 5: Keep the books you want and return those you don’t for extra credits Books in Readable condition are not returnable. Credits are awarded at a percentage of the original cost of the books and the percentage is scaled to the condition of the book. So if you buy a book in Excellent condition and return it in Good condition your will get less than if it came back in the same condition as it was purchased. Please see our condition rating scale for more details.
Step 6: Order more books  
Step 7: Top up your credits at any time  

Premium membership discounts

Membership Option Credits
R200 205
R500 525
R1000 1100

* R1 is equal to 1 credit
** Fees are not refundable

Selling books to booklove

Do you have books that your want to sell to us? To sell books to booklove you need to be a Premium member. Send us a list and if we are interested we’ll purchase them from you and add the credits to your account. Please note that we only pay directly for purchases of 20 or more books. By the way, books bought from Loot earn and added bonus of 10%!

Bargain Bin

The books in the Bargain Bin are generally in Readable condition. We select books which would be classified as being in Good or Very Good condition but which have been stored badly and the pages have yellowed and stained. Please note that these, and any other books in Readable condition are not returnable.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Whether it’s a particular genre, author or book, please let us know and we will try and source it for you.

Consider the environment

We believe in recycling so we reuse packaging as often as possible – we appreciate it when you do too!

General Terms and Conditions

Books will be posted within 2 working days of receipt of payment and/or proof of payment. The tracking number will be sent as soon as the package has been posted.

Insurance can be included at 1% of the value of the books and must be paid up front by the member

Postage costs are for ordinary mail and generally take 5 to 7 working days. Courier or overnight services are offered at additional costs. Please contact us to arrange this.

We do everything we can to ensure that your parcel arrives safely and on time but sometimes things go wrong. Once the package has left our hands we are no longer responsible for it. If you are concerned, please ask us to insure your parcel.

We do not take responsibility for parcels that do not arrive as a result of incorrect shipping details. Please check your postal address carefully and update your details when they change.

Every effort has been made to catalogue the condition of the books as accurately as possible. Should the books not meet your expectation, please return them for a full refund within 2 working days. Please ensure that returned books are properly packaged and that we receive a tracking number. Failure to do this will mean no refund.

Premium membership fees are not refundable.

Credits cannot be exchanged for cash.

paper and book texture
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